Web Content Filter for WiFi

If you are a service provider or an organization that offers your clients WiFi access, a web content filter for WiFi hotspots will block potentially harmful material that could cause offense or compromise the security of your network.

WiFi Web Filtering for Hotspots is Becoming a Commercial Obligation

Organizations are under increasing commercial pressure to provide wireless Internet access for clients; however, the provision of a WiFi hotspot can be risky. Clients of your organization can be exposed to objectionable material being accessed by other clients, and the security of their mobile devices – and your WiFi network – can be compromised by an inadvertent malware downloaded. These potential issues can be commercially more expensive than the failure to provide a WiFi service to your clients at all.

The risks of providing wireless Internet access for your clients can be mitigated by implementing a web content filter for WiFi. WiFi web filtering allows you to:

  • Control the content that can be accessed by your clients
  • Create a safe environment for your clients to access the Internet and
  • Provide your organization with reports regarding network usage – possibly to tailor your services to your clients´ needs

Implementing a WiFi Web Content Filter

A web content filter for WiFi is easy to implement – particularly when it is a cloud-based application. A cloud-based WiFi web content filter connects all your clients´ devices to the Internet without the requirement to install expensive software or purchase additional hardware. Both you and your clients are protected from online threats, word gets around that your organization provides a safe environment for Internet browsing, and this element of your business grows.

Web Content Filter for WiFi

The implementation of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi also avoids the necessity to configure routers or dedicate significant IT resources to configure individual web filters. Regardless of the number of hotspots or routers your organization operates, the volume of clients who need to connect, or your usage requirements, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be quickly and easily configured, and implemented within minutes.

Who Can Benefit from a Web Content Filter for WiFi Hotspots?

Organizations of all sizes have already implemented WiFi filtering. Our WiFi web filtering solution is ideal for:

  • Wireless WiFi ISPs, MSPs and other WiFi service providers
  • Cafes, coffee shops & restaurants
  • Retail outlets & shopping malls
  • Schools & universities
  • Health systems & hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Airports
  • Rail & bus networks

Key Features of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

100% Cloud Based – No Hardware or Software Installations Required

Our 100% cloud-based web content filter for WiFi requires no additional hardware or software installations. It supports static and dynamic IPs, with a full white-label option for MSPs and wireless WiFi ISPs.

No Latency Ensures Fast Internet Access

The WebTitan WiFi web content filter for hotspots can be implemented without impacting the speed of your Internet. Your clients will experience no difference in connectivity due to the implementation of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi.

Create a family-friendly, safe and secure web browsing environment

Ensure your hotspots can be used safely and securely by everyone by filtering out phishing and other malicious websites, block malware and ransomware downloads, and ensure your hotspots cannot be used for accessing undesirable content to make them family friendly.

Flexible Web Filter with Highly Granular Controls

Our WiFi web content filter gives administrators granular control over the website content that can be accessed, without overblocking. Controls can be used to filter access by individuals or user groups, or to implement enterprise-wide restrictions, and restrict Internet access at specific times of the day.

Category-Based WiFi Web Filtering for Hotspots

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi uses category-based filtering to quickly and easily restrict the content that WiFi users can access. Organizations can restrict access to Internet content using more than 70 categories, and block sites containing pornography, gambling sites, P2P file sharing sites, and sites that may contain inflammatory religious or political content.

Fast WiFi Web Filtering Using White Lists and Black Lists

Administrators can also use blacklists to restrict swathes of websites and whitelists to permit the viewing of specific sites within banned categories. It is also possible to prevent individuals from viewing competitors´ websites in order to conduct in-store price comparisons.

Fully Scalable Solution for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether you are running a single WiFi hotspot or a network of thousands of access points, the WebTitan web content filter for WiFi can be rapidly deployed and will actively protect you and your clients within hours. Thereafter WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows you to control multiple WiFi networks centrally from an intuitive, easy-to-use, administration control panel, and if required, you can delegate management of access points.

Support for Any User Device

Our web content filter for WiFi will ensure web content is restricted regardless of the device used to connect to the network. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearables will be protected from malware, phishing, device hijacking, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Integrate the Web Filter into Existing Systems

WebTitan is supplied with a suite of APIs that will allow you to easily integrate the solution into existing security and management systems.

Detailed Reports Provide WiFi Operators with Insight into Customer Behavior

The facility exists to set instant alerts to determine when attempts are made to view restricted content, and to find out exactly what content customers are accessing via your WiFi hotspot. Organizations can use this WiFi filter data to gain insights into customers’ interests and to develop new business services and marketing strategies.