Web Content Filter for Wireless WiFi ISPs

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a powerful, easy-to-administer and flexible web content filter for wireless WiFi ISPs that can be used to prevent Internet users accessing websites likely to result in a malware or ransomware download, websites on which illegal activities can be conducted, or websites whose content is unsuitable for viewing in a public environment.

Many governments and local authorities are now producing Internet filtering guidelines for ISPs, or have introduced legislation that requires certain types of website content to be blocked. Even when ISP web filtering is not mandatory, many wireless WiFi network providers choose to implement Internet filtering solutions in order to keep their users safe online.

Benefits of Internet Content Filtering for WiFi Internet Service Providers

There are many benefits of Internet content filtering for WiFi Internet service providers and, more importantly, their clients. Internet content filtering reduces the risks from malware and ransomware. Controls can be applied to prevent certain file types from being downloaded, websites known to be used for phishing attacks can be blocked, and exploit kits prevented from deploying their malicious software.

Web Content Filter for Wireless WiFi ISPsAn Internet filter can also be used to block adult content such as pornography, prevent users from accessing extreme and offensive content, or to block websites of a homophobic, racist, sexist, or inflammatory nature. Viewing these topics most likely contravenes your clients´ acceptable use policies and could cause offense to colleagues or non-Internet users if they were viewed indiscreetly.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – The Web Content Filter for Wireless WiFi ISPs

We offer Internet content filtering for WiFi Internet service providers with robust functionality, scalability, and highly granular controls. Our web content filter for wireless WiFi ISPs – WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – offers real-time protection against a host of Internet threats such as malware, ransomware, viruses, and downloaders, and can be quickly and easily applied to create a safe browsing environment for all WiFi users.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a DNS-based web filtering solution that requires no software downloads and has no additional hardware requirements. It can be applied quickly and easily across entire wireless WiFi hotspot networks, is easy to configure and maintain, and delivers web access to end users with imperceptible latency.

Granular controls can be applied at ISP or client level and allow content to be blocked by URL, category, file type, or keyword term. A central control panel is used to set web filtering controls for a network of WiFi access points, with the ability to apply different settings to different access points, user groups, or clients. Additional features include:

  • Easy configuration with minimal management overhead.
  • Highly granular controls puts the hotspot operator in total control of permitted website content.
  • Links to Active Directory, LDAP, and NetIQ allowing access rights to be easily set for different user groups.
  • Content can be blocked by URL, file type, keywords, website categories, or by website score.
  • Real-time updates for malicious websites, category and keyword filters.
  • Malicious URL blocking and phishing protection enhances online security.
  • Internet access logs are maintained with a full reporting suite and instant alerts.
  • Full visibility into Internet use including real-time views of web access.
  • Can be configured to reduce bandwidth waste and abuse.
  • Allows delegation of the management of access points
  • Supports SSL inspection
  • APIs allow easy integration with other systems (e.g. billing, auto provisioning, and monitoring)
  • Multiple hosting options, including within an ISP or MSP data center
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • World class customer service

ISPs, MSPS, and other WiFi hotspot providers have the option of blocking adware to improve the user experience, the solution ensures fast Internet speeds are maintained, and web-based threats such as exploit kits, malvertising, phishing, malware, and ransomware are blocked.

Our real-time web content filter for wireless WiFi ISPs is available as a white label option for ISPs, MSPs, and resellers, and can be hosted on our servers, the ISP´s servers or within the client´s own infrastructure.

Further Information on the WebTitan Web Content Filter for Wireless WiFi ISPs

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a web content filter for wireless WiFi ISPs and managed service providers that can be used to restrict access to website content at individual WiFi hotspots, for cities, or at a nationwide level. For technical information, details of pricing, or to request a product demonstration, contact our sales team on the numbers below or send us an enquiry via email.

US Sales +1 813 200 9460
UK/EU Sales +44 (0)247 699 3641
IRL +353 91 54 55 00
or email us at info@webtitan.com

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Can WebTitan be used for ISP content filtering on a per-client basis?

WebTitan Cloud and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi are flexible web filtering solutions that have been developed to meet the needs of Internet service providers. The solutions can be easily configured to block access to illegal web content for all users and it is a quick and easy process to apply controls on a per-client basis.

What are the benefits of ISP web filtering?

ISP web filtering is used to prevent broadband and WiFi users from visiting illegal websites, sites known to the Internet Watch Foundation as hosting sexual abuse content, and URLs that promote terrorism or contain extremist material. The solutions can also be used for improving the customer experience by blocking URLs known to be used for phishing and malware distribution.

Can WebTitan Cloud for ISPs be hosted in a private cloud?

TitanHQ offers three deployment options with WebTitan Cloud. The solution is usually hosted on AWS in the TitanHQ cloud, but if customers prefer, WebTitan can be hosted in a dedicated private cloud or alternatively in an ISPs’ own data center.

Can WebTitan Cloud be integrated into existing management systems?

Yes. WebTitan for Service Providers integrates with existing systems via an API. This allows customers to easily extract information and apply controls via the management console from existing internal customer management systems.

Can WebTitan be used for offering Internet provider content filtering services to customers?

ISP web filtering solutions such as WebTitan can be used to provide customers with a tailored Internet service, such as providing family-friendly Internet service, restricting access to pornography, or blocking access to gambling websites.