Web Content WiFi Filter for Bars

If you run a bar or a pub and want to provide your customers with free WiFi access, it can be in your best interests to implement a web content WiFi filter for bars. Free Internet access is now expected to be provided in bars and pubs, and any establishment that does not offer customers this service is likely to lose customers to competitors who do. Providing free Internet access can also help to keep customers in your establishment for longer.

However, the consumption of alcohol reduces inhibitions, and the anonymity offered by free bar WiFi can result in customers viewing Internet content that they would not choose to view at home. Some of this content can be offensive to other customers of your bar and, by implementing an Internet content filter for bar WiFi, you can restrict the type of website content that can be accessed on your premises over your WiFi network.

A Web Content WiFi Filter for Bars Can Protect Customers’ Sensitivities

There are many legitimate reasons for accessing the Internet in a bar, such as keeping in touch with others via social media networks, checking email, finding out information, or checking the latest news. However, bar WiFi can also potentially be used for viewing content such as child pornography, visiting illegal online marketplaces, downloading copyrighted material, or viewing terrorist material and extremist religious content.

Web Content WiFi Filter for BarsWhereas bar owners often operate a door policy to ensure certain standards are maintained, rarely are any standards applied to use of the Internet. It is practically unavoidable these days for customers to accidentally catch a glimpse of another person’s tablet or smartphone screen. As a bar owner, you can implement a web content WiFi filter for bars to minimize the probability of those screens displaying offensive material.

Protecting a WiFi Network from Hackers and Malware

Using a web content WiFi filter for bars does more than just prevent your customers from being exposed to unsavory material. It also provides them with a safe environment to check emails or conduct online transactions securely. The Internet is becoming a much riskier place, with more threats than ever before. Malware, ransomware and phishing attacks are now commonplace.

Policy Categories

While the provision of free Internet access can attract customers, the risks of an unprotected WiFi network can outweigh the advantages from a customer’s point of view. If customers have their devices infected with malware, or become victims of identity theft, they are unlikely to return to your premises. A web content WiFi filter for bars can prevent these scenarios from occurring.

Using an Internet Content Filter for Bar WiFi to Conduct Market Research

You may feel that you know your business and your customers but, by implementing an Internet content filter for bar WiFi, you can determine the nature of the content they choose to access in your establishment. This will provide you with a deeper insight into who your customers are what they are interested in.

This information can be used to improve the services you provide, the promotions that you choose to run, and can help you to develop new business ideas. The more information you can extract from a web content WiFi filter for bars, the easier it will be to target services, promotions and new business ideas towards your customers. It should be noted that there are laws that place restrictions on the data you collect from customers, for example the California Consumer Privacy Act (CIPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), both of which require you to obtain consent before you collect and use personal information.

Implementing a Web Content Filter for Bar Chains

Implementing a web filter is a straightforward process if you have a single router and operate just one WiFi hotspot. However, multiple routers or multiple WiFi hotspots can make web filtering a more complicated and expensive process – particularly if you run a chain of bars or pubs and want to filter Internet content at each location.

Securing multiple WiFi hotspots with a separate web filtering solution at each location is possible, but the logical solution is to use a 100% cloud-based web content filter. This not only makes it quicker and easier to install, but will also make updating and managing the web filter across multiple hotspots a more straightforward and less time consuming process.

Multiple WiFi hotspots can be controlled from one administration control panel that can be accessed from any location. Any updates that are required, such as the blocking of a new website, will only need to be completed once and will be instantly applied to all WiFi hotspots on the network.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – A Practical and Cost Effective Internet Content Filter for Bar WiFi

WebTitan has developed an Internet content filter for bar WiFi that is quick and easy to implement, configure, and maintain. It requires no additional hardware or software installations, and can be used to protect a single WiFi hotspot or multiple WiFi access points spread across any number of locations.

Key Features of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

  • Our 100% cloud-based Internet content filter for bar WiFi is ideal for protecting multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Being cloud-based, our web filtering solution requires no additional hardware or software installations
  • The easy-to-use cloud-based administration control panel allows central control of the web filter across any number of WiFi hotspots
  • Allows chains of bars to delegate the management of access points
  • Supports any device used to connect to the Internet
  • Our web filter works with static or dynamic IPs
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi will not affect your Internet speed
  • Upload whitelists, blacklists, block by website or dictionary search terms
  • Allows you to place restrictions on bandwidth for each user
  • Find out what websites your customers are accessing through your WiFi access points
  • Schedule and run reports on demand
  • Gain a real-time view of internet activity
  • Puts you in total control of the content accessible over your WiFi connection
  • Keeps customer secure and minimizes the risk of hacking and malware infections
  • Easily set different filtering controls for user groups through Active Directory
  • World class customer service
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy

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