Web Content WiFi Filter for Business

Wireless Internet networks can be a security weak point, which is why many small to medium-sized companies now use a web content WiFi filter for business devices. A web filtering solution is now commonly used as part of a multi-layered defense to keep confidential business data secure and to prevent malicious outsiders and insiders from stealing company secrets.

A Web Content WiFi Filter for Business Can Prevent Malware and Ransomware Infections

One of the biggest network security risks faced by IT professionals is the installation of malware or ransomware on corporate networks. Even with a robust firewall it is all too easy for security protections to be bypassed. A response to a phishing email can be all it takes to bypass multi-million-dollar security defenses.

Web Content WiFi Filter for BusinessCybercriminals are using exploit kits to probe for security weaknesses in browsers and to identify security vulnerabilities in mobile devices. These vulnerabilities can be exploited, allowing malware to be automatically downloaded in drive-by attacks. Once a mobile device is infected with malware it can easily move laterally and infect other devices connected to the same network.

BYOD has made it even harder for IT security professionals to keep corporate networks secure. Plugging security vulnerabilities on each and every personal device is a complex task. Using a web content WiFi filter for business network users can help to reduce the risk of a cyberattack by making it harder for malware to be installed, and harder for security vulnerabilities to be exploited.

Content Filtering for Business Guest WiFi Hotspots

Applying content filtering for business guest WiFi hotspots will ensure that guests benefit from a safe browsing environment. When an important client visits and requires access to the Internet, it is important that their device is protected. Many IT professionals like to make it as hard as possible for them to inadvertently (or deliberately) download malware.

There is no telling if their device contains malicious software, but it is possible to use a web content WiFi filter for business to prevent their device from receiving Command & Control callbacks. Otherwise, once that device connects to the network it could be used by a hacker to launch an attack.

A web content WiFi filter for business use can also be used to apply controls over what users can do while connected to the Internet. Different privileges can easily be set for guests and employees according to the needs of the business. By offering separate guest WiFi accounts you can keep your company’s WiFi network separate. This reduces the risk of hacking and data theft.

Using a cloud-based solution for content filtering for business guest WiFi hotspots is by far the easiest way to provide secure guest access to business WiFi networks. A cloud-based DNS filtering solution does not require any software downloads on individual devices.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi: Internet Access Control for WiFi in Businesses

Internet access control for WiFi in businesses is now less of an option and more of a necessity. WiFi access points can all too easily be used by employees for a variety of inappropriate purposes, and the dangers from malware and hacking are now greater than ever.

Implementing a web content WiFi filter for business used to be a complicated task, often requiring additional hardware purchases or software installations. We developed WebTitan Cloud for WiFi with the aim of making Internet access control for WiFi in businesses as simple as possible. Just change the DNS settings on your router, and your WiFi network can be protected in a matter of minutes.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is scalable, and can be used for business of all sizes. The same web filtering solution can be used to protect a single WiFi access point or any number of WiFi networks. All access points can be controlled from a single, easy to use administration panel. Companywide policies can be applied, but since our web content WiFi filter for business links in with Active Directory, different controls set for each router, user group, individual employee, or guest.

Monitoring Internet access is straightforward. Instant alerts can be configured and sent to system administrators, and a suite of reports produced detailing the websites that are being accessed via WiFi access points. This makes for easy troubleshooting and allows prompt action to be taken in cases of attempted Internet abuse.

Many businesses prefer to keep their web filtering solutions on their own networks. With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi this is straightforward. We can host our web filtering solution, or if you prefer, it can easily be configured and hosted on your infrastructure.

Advice on Implementing a Web Content WiFi Filter for Business Use

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