Web Content WiFi Filter for Cities

Any city providing local businesses and residents with access to WiFi networks should take steps to ensure that WiFi hotspots are made as secure as possible, and implementing a web content WiFi filter for cities is one of the best ways to do this. It can greatly improve safety for users of the network and WiFi network operators.

An increasing number of towns and cities are developing citywide WiFi networks to attract visitors and investment from businesses. A city offering free or even paid-for WiFi access points could potentially leverage the service to attract more tourists. WiFi can also help to make urban areas safer and enhance city management. It is also easier and more advantageous in some cases to offer Internet services through public WiFi networks rather than having businesses and individual households pay to connect to a private Internet service.

Using a Web Content WiFi Filter for Cities to Create a Safe Browsing Environment

The provision of a network of citywide WiFi access points is seen by many municipalities as a way of making cities safer. A number of cities, New York for example, are using old phone booths as WiFi access points. Phone booths are frequently robbed and vandalized and are often taken out of action. In New York, an inspection of public phone booths revealed 37% to be out of order. According to Pew Research, 68% of Americans now have Smartphones. The provision of WiFi access points is therefore becoming a viable alternative to phone booths. However, it is important for cities to take steps to ensure their WiFi networks are safe to use.

Web Content WiFi Filter for CitiesOne of the biggest threats to users of WiFi networks is malware and ransomware. Public WiFi hotspots in cities can be used by hackers and cybercriminals to infect users’ devices. However, users of wireless networks can be protected from exposure to excessive risk if a web content WiFi filter for cities is implemented. It is one of the easiest ways to improve online security.

A web content WiFi filter for cities can be configured to prevent downloads of files commonly used by criminals to install malware, or to block websites known to have been compromised by hackers. It is also possible to block third party adverts from being displayed. These are commonly used by criminals to direct traffic to malicious websites.

WiFi network operators can also use a web content WiFi filter for cities to reduce phishing risk and prevent Command and Control call backs from infected devices, thus reducing citywide cybercrime activity.

Web Content WiFi Filter for Cities Can Prevent the Viewing and Downloading of Obscene and Offensive Content

It is important to restrict the activities that can take place over a city-wide WiFi network. A web content WiFi filter for cities can be used to restrict what WiFi access points can be used for.

Implementing a web content WiFi filter for cities can allow accessible content to be carefully controlled. This will ensure that only websites that are suitable for viewing in public areas can be accessed. The general public can therefore be protected from accidental glimpses of pornography for example, or from users viewing child pornography.

A web content WiFi filter for cities can also be configured to prevent criminal activity such as copyright-infringing downloads and uploads, or the accessing of online marketplaces where illegal drugs and services are advertised and sold.

Manage Bandwidth by Controlling Downloads and Uploads

When cities in the United States started to develop their own WiFi networks in the early 2000s, users experienced a lack of available bandwidth. The success of the free public WiFi schemes depended on cities being able to attract enough users, yet this proved to be a problem as users found Internet speeds simply too slow.

Implementing a web content WiFi filter for cities can help in this regard. Rather than providing access to all Internet services, users can be prevented from using city WiFi networks for bandwidth-heavy activities such as live-sports streaming or streaming Internet radio. Large downloads and uploads can also be limited.

Bandwidth limits can also be set to ensure that the majority of users benefit from fast Internet access, rather than the service being abused by a few users for bandwidth-heavy Internet activity.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – A Internet Content Filter for Citywide Public WiFi Hotspots

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a scalable Internet content filter for citywide public WiFi hotspots that does not apply any restrictions on the number of devices that can connect to a wireless network, or have any restriction on the number of wireless access points that can be managed. Internet speed is unaffected,  and management of the filter is straightforward and allows incredibly fine control of Internet filtering.

WebTitan’s Internet content filter for citywide public WiFi hotspots is 100% cloud based. There is no requirement to download any software or apps onto individual devices, and the DNS filter requires only a slight change to DNS settings. No additional hardware is required.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a web content WiFi filter for cities that can grow along with a citywide network and offers WiFi hotspot operators a host of control features to help keep users protected and WiFi networks secure.

Key Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

Some of the key benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi are listed below:

  • Create a family-friendly, safe and secure web browsing environment
  • Filter the Internet across multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Manage access points through a single web-based administration panel
  • Delegate management of access points
  • Filter by website, website category, keyword term, or keyword score
  • Block material contained in the child abuse image content URL list (CAIC List)
  • Upload blacklists and create whitelists
  • Reduce the risk of phishing attacks
  • Block malware and ransomware downloads
  • Inspect encrypted websites with SSL certificates
  • Schedule and run reports on demand
  • Gain a real-time view of internet activity
  • Gain insights into bandwidth use and restrict activities to conserve bandwidth
  • Integrate the solution into existing systems through a suite of APIs
  • Apply time-based filtering controls
  • Multiple hosting options, including within your own data center
  • World class customer service
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy

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