Web Content WiFi Filter for Educational Institutions

A web content WiFi filter for educational institutions is one of the most straightforward ways that schools and libraries can comply with the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000 (CIPA) – the legislation having been passed to ensure that children are better protected from potentially harmful Internet content.

CIPA applies to K-12 schools and libraries in the United States that participate in the E-rate program. In order to receive discounts on Internet access, participating educational institutions must implement a “technology protection measure” in order to block obscene images at the computer, network, or ISP level.

Internet Filtering Requirements of the U.S. Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

CIPA-compliant web filtering requires obscene images (photographs, illustrations, graphics, and video content) to be blocked as well as any visual material which could potentially be harmful to minors. Entire websites do not need to be blocked; although in some instances it may be easier to block entire websites than individual images.

Web Content WiFi Filter for Educational InstitutionsCIPA requirements for libraries are not as strict as for schools. Libraries are only required to filter the Internet and prevent sexually explicit and other harmful images from being displayed. Schools must adopt an Internet safety policy that includes educational programs to teach minors how to use the Internet safely.

The educational programs are intended to teach minors about the safe use of electronic forms of communication such as email, messaging, and chat programs. Schools participating in the E-rate program are also required to monitor Internet access, although it is not necessary to track Internet access by minors.

A web content WiFi filter for educational institutions is not mandatory for non E-rate program schools and libraries; although, in the case of the latter, CIPA rules will apply if the library elects to receive Library Services and Technology Act grants.

Benefits of a 100% Cloud-Based Web Content WiFi Filter for Educational Institutions

Whereas some software solutions to manage access to the Internet can involve the purchase of expensive hardware or the installation of complicated programs, a cloud-based web content WiFi filter for educational institutions has the benefits of requiring no capital expenditure and software is automatically updated. There is no need to update the solution or apply patches.

A cloud-based web content WiFi filter for educational institutions enables system administrators to quickly implement a CIPA-compliant Internet filter, with the flexibility to set their own parameters (within those of CIPA) and control exactly what websites can be accessed by students in their care - whether accessed via fixed terminals or WiFi-enabled devices.

Web Content WiFi Filter for Educational Institutions

One of the simplest solutions to implement is WebTitan´s web content WiFi filter for educational institutions: WebTitan Cloud for WiFi.  The filters used by the solution simply require a simple change to the institution´s DNS settings. Thereafter educational institutions can filter the Internet and comply with CIPA in a matter of minutes.

Key Features of the WebTitan Web Content WiFi Filter for Educational Institutions

  • Flexible web content WiFi filter for educational institutions of all sizes
  • 100% cloud based – No software installations required
  • No additional hardware required
  • Quick and easy implementation – Can be up and running in minutes
  • One Internet filtering solution for multiple WiFi networks
  • Delegate control of different access points
  • Blocks CIPA-restricted content
  • Highly granular Internet filtering allows precision control of accessible website content
  • Restricts access to harmful content without over-filtering
  • Reduce the risk of phishing attacks
  • Block malware and ransomware downloads
  • Inspect encrypted websites with SSL certificates
  • Fast and easy reporting with instant alerts and real-time views of Internet activity
  • No latency – Internet speed is unaffected by the web filter
  • Category-based and dictionary term Internet filtering
  • Fast uploading of website whitelists and blacklists
  • Content blocking without any restriction on the device used to access the Internet
  • World class customer service
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy

Find out More about the Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

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