Web Content WiFi Filter for Enterprises

The aim of this article is to explain why a web content WiFi filter for enterprises is a wise investment and to cover some of the main features that decision makers should consider when choosing an enterprise web filtering solution.

A Web Content WiFi Filter for Enterprises Should be a Requirement, not an Option

It is advisable for any enterprise that provides staff or customers with access to WiFi to take steps to ensure that the browsing environment is secure. This will not only protect users, it will help to prevent cyberattacks from hackers, cybercriminals, and hacktivists.

The threat of attack from malicious outsiders is considerable. It is now necessary for enterprises to take steps to control the risk of a network compromise and to keep sensitive data protected. Web filtering is one method that can be employed to make it harder for hackers to gain access to corporate networks.

A Web Content WiFi Filter for Enterprises is Can Enhance Security Posture

Hackers are targeting businesses of all sizes and are attempting to steal customer and employee data. Hacktivists are breaking through security defenses and attempting to sabotage systems. Some unscrupulous business owners are more than willing to pay hackers to spy on their competitors.

Web Content WiFi Filter for EnterprisesOne of the ways that businesses can increase their security posture is by implementing a web filtering solution. A correctly configured web filter can prevent cyberattacks from occurring.

Malware is commonly used to install backdoors and log keystrokes, allowing hackers to gain access to valuable company data. Ransomware installations lock files with encryption, leaving businesses no choice but to pay attackers a hefty ransom to decrypt business data. A web content WiFi filter for enterprises can be configured to block websites known to contain malware and ransomware.

Many hackers use exploit kits to probe for security weaknesses. Once vulnerable devices have been identified, malware is downloaded automatically. A web content WiFi filter for enterprises can be configured to block malicious websites, as well as malicious advertising – or malvertising – to reduce the risk of malware infections.

It is also possible to configure a web content WiFi filter for enterprises to prevent the downloading of potentially dangerous file types. Blocking the downloading of specific files extensions such as EXE, ZIP, RAR, SCR, and BAT files can greatly reduce the risk of end users compromising a network.

Implementing a Web Content WiFi Filter for Enterprises to Restrict Website Access

Some employers believe that every hour spent in the workplace by an employee should equate to a full hour of work. Personal Internet use is forbidden, yet without a technological solution to prevent personal use, many hours could be lost to Facebook and other inappropriate distractions.

A web content WiFi filter for enterprises can be configured to prevent personal use of the Internet and restrict access to specific websites, either permanently or during specific hours of the day. This would resolve many HR issues caused by employees accessing non-work related websites during their working hours.

It is possible to extensively filter the Internet to prevent cyberslacking or take a more relaxed attitude to personal Internet use. However, a company that is more tolerant of personal Internet use should still not give employees free reign when it comes to the Internet. There are some very important reasons for applying controls over the content that can be accessed.

Allowing workers totally unrestricted access to the Internet can lead not only to a drop in productivity, but can also cause problems between co-workers. The accessing of pornography at work can easily create a hostile working environment for other employees. A hostile working environment can prompt employees to take legal action against their employers if nothing is done to resolve the issue.

Configuring an Internet Content Filter for Enterprises to Restrict Access to Website Content

An Internet content filter for enterprises can be used to restrict access to specific websites or categories of website content. Categories commonly used to block swathes of websites include: pornography, gambling, gaming, social media websites, religion, violence, alcohol, tobacco, dating, or drugs.

Additionally, it may be possible to configure a web content WiFi filter for enterprises to score websites based on certain keyword terms. A site can then be assessed for its content as a whole and allocated a safety score. Provided that the score falls below an enterprise’s threshold, access to that website will be permitted by the filter.

This is a useful strategy to use when configuring an Internet content filter for enterprises. Websites may contain a specific keyword, a sexual keyword for example, yet the content of the site as a whole may be acceptable. This method of Internet filtering can reduce false positives and allow a greater range of appropriate websites to be accessed by staff.

Considerations When Implementing a Website Filter for Enterprises

Choosing the best web content WiFi filter for enterprises requires research and careful consideration. A web content WiFi filter for enterprises should have highly granular controls and be flexible to ensure it can cope with changing business needs. Ideally it should be straightforward to configure and easy to maintain. Many enterprises find a 100% cloud-based web filtering solution to be the most practical and cost-effective choice.

There are many things to consider when choosing a website filter for enterprises. While many service providers offer a website filter for enterprises for networked devices such as desktop computers, it is important to ensure that wireless networks are also covered. Gateway web filtering solutions may require additional hardware to be purchased or software installations on each device used to connect to the network. Any additional hardware requirements are likely to add a considerable amount to the overall cost of Internet filtering.

For instance, if numerous BYOD units are used to connect to WiFi, or if WiFi is offered to customers, a website filter for enterprises that requires software installations will not be practical to implement. If customers are required to download an app in order to gain access to WiFi, this is likely to limit the number of customers taking advantage of the service.

WiFi Filtering for Enterprise Hotspots Requires a Flexible Solution

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is 100% cloud based, DNS-level WiFi filtering for enterprise hotspots that requires no software downloads and no additional hardware. Existing routers can just be pointed to WebTitan’s DNS and the web filter can be applied in a matter of minutes.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is extremely flexible, as any web content WiFi filter for enterprises should be. Highly granular controls allow enterprises to tweak and tune all web filtering options, and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi has been developed to make administration as easy as possible.

Configuration does not require a great deal of technical skill and maintenance of the filter has been made straightforward. The task can be allocated to an administrator freeing up the time of IT staff.

Enterprise-wide controls may include pornography or gambling, or even social media websites such as Facebook, although since our web filtering solution links to Active Directory, it is easy to develop different policies for user groups or even individuals. Our enterprise web filter allows full control of all protocols and can be tuned to suit the exact needs of each and every enterprise.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a scalable solution that can grow with an enterprise. Our WiFi filtering for enterprise hotspots does not apply any limit on the number of WiFi hotspots or the number of users that can connect to the WiFi network. This allows the web filtering solution to be used by organizations of all sizes, whether they operate one WiFi router to manage thousands of WiFi hotspots across numerous locations.

Each company is different and we are happy to discuss a full range of Internet filtering options. We can even provide a web content WiFi filter for ISPs and MSPs with white labeling options and the ability to run the web filter within the MSP/ISP’s infrastructure.

Some of the key benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi are listed below:

  • Filter the Internet across multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Create a family-friendly, safe and secure web browsing environment
  • Manage access points through a single web-based administration panel
  • Delegate management of access points
  • Filter by website, website category, keyword term, or keyword score
  • Block material contained in the child abuse image content URL list (CAIC List)
  • Upload blacklists and create whitelists
  • Reduce the risk of phishing attacks
  • Block malware and ransomware downloads
  • Inspect encrypted websites with SSL certificates
  • Schedule and run reports on demand
  • Gain a real-time view of internet activity
  • Gain insights into bandwidth use and restrict activities to conserve bandwidth
  • Integrate the solution into existing systems through a suite of APIs
  • Apply time-based filtering controls
  • Multiple hosting options, including within your own data center
  • Can be supplied as a white label for MSPs and resellers
  • World class customer service
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy

Further Information on Our Web Content WiFi Filter for Enterprises and Gateway Internet Filtering Solutions

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