Web Content WiFi Filter for Hospitals

The high risk of malware infections makes a web content WiFi filter for hospitals an essential cybersecurity measure to implement. Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare providers in order to gain access to the healthcare data of patients, and an unsecured Wi-Fi network is a data breach waiting to happen.

A Web Content WiFi Filter for Hospitals Can Reduce the Risk of Malware Downloads

One of the main ways hackers are able to gain access to healthcare data is by using malware. Hospitals employees are targeted with spear phishing campaigns in an attempt to get them to install malware on their computers and portable devices. If hackers can convince healthcare workers to download keyloggers, they can obtain login credentials to EHRs and other data sources.

The massive data breach at Anthem Inc., in 2015 resulted in hackers obtaining the records of 78.8 million health plan subscribers. A cyberattack on Premera Blue Cross, discovered just a few days after the Anthem cyberattack, resulted in hackers stealing 11 million subscriber health records. Both of those data breaches were the result of company employees falling for spear phishing campaigns. Protecting against malware installations must be a priority for healthcare providers.

Web Content WiFi Filter for HospitalsEmails are often used to deliver malware, but that is far from the only attack surface healthcare security teams have to secure. Drive-by malware attacks can all too easily take place when healthcare employees visit websites that have been compromised by hackers. Malvertising – adverts that direct users to malicious websites – are displayed through third-party advertising code placed on legitimate websites. Even Yahoo and MSN have been discovered to have inadvertently served visitors with malicious third party adverts. It is essential to address all of these security vulnerabilities to prevent hackers from taking advantage. A web content WiFi filter for hospitals can help in this regard.

Is a Web Content WiFi Filter for Hospitals Required by HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires all covered entities to implement a number of technical controls to ensure the protected health information of patients is safeguarded. While the implementation of a web content WiFi filter for hospitals is not specifically mentioned in HIPAA regulations, covered entities are required to secure all systems that can potentially be exploited, including WiFi access points.

A risk assessment is a requirement of the Security Rule, and WiFi access points used by the hospital should be assessed for potential vulnerabilities. If healthcare workers, guests, or patients are permitted to download any file, engage in risky online behavior, or access websites known to contain malware, this could place PHI at risk of exposure. A web content WiFi filter for hospitals should therefore be part of a hospital’s multi-layered healthcare cybersecurity defenses to reduce the risk of malware downloads.

Internet Content Filtering for a Hospital WiFi Service Provided in Multiple Locations

Healthcare IT professionals have more than enough on their plates without having to spend hours configuring Internet content filtering for a hospital WiFi service in multiple locations.

When multiple WiFi access points are used, cloud-based Internet content filtering for a hospital WiFi service is usually the most logical solution. It requires no additional hardware or software installations, and can be implemented simply by altering the DNS settings and pointing them to a service provider’s DNS.

Filtering the Internet in hospitals need not be a major drain on IT resources. Even if a web content WiFi filter for hospitals is required to cover a nationwide health system operating hundreds or thousands of WiFi routers, all can be easily configured, managed, and maintained via a central control panel. That administration panel can be accessed by a system administrator from any location.

Filtering for Hospital Visitor and Patient WiFi

Web filtering for hospital visitor and patient WiFi is important to limit the activities that can be conducted over a WiFi network. Long waits for treatment in emergency rooms will see the majority of patients reaching for their smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers.

It is important to ensure that those devices are not used for any activities that may cause offense to fellow patients. Hospitals should therefore use Internet filtering for hospital visitor and patient WiFi to limit the actions that can be performed online. Access to pornographic websites should be blocked to ensure that offensive images are not brought up on screens and potentially harmful or offensive website content is not accessed.

A web content WiFi filter for hospitals should also be configured to prevent illegal Internet activity. P2P file sharing over a hospital network should be blocked and downloads limited. Activities that use a considerable amount of bandwidth can also be restricted when Internet content filtering for a hospital WiFi service in implemented to ensure that all visitors can benefit from fast Internet access.

WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi – An Ideal Choice for Healthcare WiFi Networks

WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi offers a number of benefits for healthcare providers, from small medical centers to multi-hospital healthcare systems. Our web content WiFi filter for hospitals is scalable, can be quickly and easily deployed, and offers protection for multiple Wi-Fi routers spread across any number of geographical locations. Some of the key features of the WebTitan web content WiFi filter for hospitals are listed below:

  • 100% cloud-based solution
  • No additional hardware requirements
  • DNS web filtering requires no software installations on mobile devices
  • No limit on the number of routers, hotspots, or WiFi networks
  • Our web content WiFi filter for hospitals is controlled by an intuitive central administration panel for all WiFi access points
  • Delegate management of access points
  • All mobile devices are supported: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices
  • Block access to phishing websites
  • Block malware downloads
  • The web filter has no impact on Internet speed
  • Highly granular controls allow fine control of Internet filtering
  • Ties in with Active Directory to allow privileges to be set by user groups and individuals
  • Block content by URL, keywords, website category, or by website score
  • Block the downloading of specific file attachments (E.g. exe, scr, bat, .js)
  • Internet access logs maintained for auditing purposes
  • Gain a real-time view of Internet activity
  • Gain insights into bandwidth use and restrict activities to conserve bandwidth
  • Integrate the solution into existing systems through a suite of APIs
  • Web filtering can be hosted with a health system’s infrastructure
  • World class customer service
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy

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