Web Content WiFi Filter for Internet Providers

A web content WiFi filter for Internet providers offers many advantages. It can be used to improve the customer experience, prevent illegal network activity, protect minors from accessing unsuitable content, and can help to conserve bandwidth. A web filter can be applied to enforce Internet usage policies to provide a safe, family friendly online environment for all public WiFi network users to enjoy.

Should a Web Content WiFi Filter for Internet Providers be Used to Clean up the Internet?

Public WiFi hotspots and nationwide WiFi networks offering unfiltered Internet access leave users of those networks exposed to considerable risk. Malware, ransomware, and viruses are increasingly being used to infect Internet-enabled devices, while the threat from phishing websites has grown substantially in recent years. ISP-level malware filtering can be applied to protect users from a wide range of web-borne threats and creates a safer online environment for all WiFi network users.

Web Content WiFi Filter for Internet ProvidersA web content WiFi filter for Internet providers can also be configured to prevent the accessing of illegal website content such as child pornography, used to block downloads of pirated software and the accessing of illegal online marketplaces.

Careful configuration of a web content WiFi filter for Internet providers can ensure bandwidth-draining activities are restricted at times when networks are strained, or those activities can be permanently blocked to ensure sufficient bandwidth is always available.

Although ISPs and MSPs may not be required by law to restrict access to certain types of website content, the offering of clean and secure Internet can give ISPs and MSPs a significant competitive advantage.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – A Practical and Cost-Effective Web Content WiFi Filter for Internet Providers

Our web content WiFi filter for Internet providers has been developed to offer maximum control over the content accessible via WiFi access points and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Our DNS-based web filter offers flexibility, scalability, can reduce bandwidth wastage and can be quickly configured for multiple domains.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Change your DNS settings to point to our servers and WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be filtering the Internet in a matter of minutes. No extra hardware is required and there is no need to download any software to user devices.

Granular Controls for Precision Web Filtering

53 pre-defined categories and 8 customizable categories can be used to rapidly control website content. Our DNS covers more than 500 million websites, including 100% of the top million most visited websites as ranked by Alexa. You can filter by category or keyword, and upload blacklists to block IPs, URLs, or entire websites.

Scalability for WiFi Networks of All Sizes

There is no limit placed on the number of devices that can connect to your filtered WiFi network, and no restriction on the number of WiFi hotspots in use. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be applied to a single WiFi hotspot, or citywide and nationwide WiFi networks with filtering controlled from a single web-based administration panel, with the option of delegating management of access points.

Web Filtering with Minimal Management

Since there are no software downloads, there is no need to maintain installations, apply patches, or update software. All URL and category updates are performed by WebTitan. All you need to do is set your own web filtering parameters and apply settings for individual clients.

Full Suite of Reports to Monitor Usage

We offer a full suite of reports providing detailed information on the content accessed by end users, with configurable instant alerts to keep you totally informed. Our reports also give Internet service providers a valuable insight into the behavior of their customers.

White Label Options for MSPs and Resellers

Generate new income streams by offering web filtering options to your clients. We can provide WebTitan Cloud for WiFi in a white label version allowing customization and incorporation of corporate logos. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be hosted on our servers or implemented within your own existing infrastructure.

Easy Integration into Existing Management Systems

You can easily integrate WebTitan into existing management and auto-provisioning systems through a suite of APIs.

Further Information on Our Web Content WiFi Filter for Internet Providers

For further information on our web content WiFi filter for Internet providers, for technical specifications, pricing information, and advice on implementing a web filter in your organization, call us to today and speak with our knowledgeable sales advisors.

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