Web Content WiFi Filter for Retailers

A web content WiFi filter for retailers is strongly recommended if WiFi hotspots are to be provided to customers. Providing customers with free Internet access offers a wealth of benefits, yet there are a number of potential problems that can arise if full access to the web is offered. Fortunately, those disadvantages can be easily negated with an Internet content filter for WiFi.

Benefits of Providing Customers with Internet Access

Consumers are becoming much better informed about products and are now using the Internet to research before they buy. Consumers are likely to research products online, read product reviews, and compare prices.

Web Content WiFi Filter for RetailersRetailers accept that this occurs. Some embrace this behavior and provide customers with access to the Internet using a free in-store WiFi network. If they do not, customers may choose to leave the store and perform their research in a rival store that does offer free access to the Internet.

By allowing customers to access the Internet through an in-store WiFi network, retailers can encourage customers to remain in the store while they research their purchases. This gives the floor staff more opportunities to approach customers and offer sales advice, answer questions, and explain the benefits of particular products.

Internet access can also be monitored, and retailers can discover the sites that are being accessed, whether prices are being compared, and where customers are potentially being lost.

Benefits of Providing In-Store WiFi Access

  • Enhances the in-store customer experience
  • Allows direct contact with customers
  • Customers can be encouraged to spend longer in-store
  • Internet access allows customers to research products, rather than leaving without making a purchase
  • Price comparisons can be conducted without leaving the premises
  • Customers often seek out retail establishments where Internet access is offered
  • Retailers can capture customer information and gain an insight into customer behavior
  • Provides an opportunity for targeted advertising and follow ups on customer visits

Numerous surveys have been conducted on the use of mobile devices in retail outlets to gain a better understanding of customer behavior. One notable study conducted by Google showed that two out of three consumers were unable to find the information they needed to make a purchase in-store, with more than 4 out of 10 customers leaving a store frustrated. By making it easy for customers to access the information they need, retailers can keep customers in-store, improve the shopping experience, and convert more potential customers into buyers.

How Can a Web Content WiFi Filter for Retailers Help?

A web content WiFi filter for retailers can be used to limit the websites that customers can access, such as the websites of competitors. There are arguments for and against doing this of course. An Internet content filter for retail WiFi can be used to gain a valuable insight into how customers are using the Internet to decide on purchases. A web content WiFi filter for retailers can be configured to capture information that can be used to improve the services provided, and find out where sales are potentially being lost – subject to the restrictions of the CCPA, GDPR, and other laws.
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Benefits of Implementing an Internet Content Filter for Retail WiFi

Some of the main benefits for implementing an Internet content filter for retail WiFi are detailed below:

Gain Valuable Insights into Customer Behavior

One of the most important benefits of a web content WiFi filter for retailers is to obtain information on customers as they browse products in-store. When a web filtering solution is implemented, all Internet traffic will be directed through the service provider’s servers. This means all internet searches and website visits can be logged. A retailer can periodically review those logs and find out what in-store visitors are doing online, whether price comparisons are being made, or what products are being researched. This information can be used to improve the service provided to customers.

Apply an Acceptable Internet Use Policy

Not all customers will use a retailer’s WiFi access point for researching products, reading reviews, and conducting searches related to making a purchase. Some individuals will take advantage of free WiFi to perform other online activities. A web filtering solution can restrict those activities to save bandwidth for other customers in order that they can conduct research or perform shopping-related searches.

Prevent Unsuitable Website Content from Being Accessed

It is important to ensure that retail WiFi networks cannot be used for illegal activities. A web content WiFi filter for retailers can be configured to prevent illegal P2P file sharing such as copyright-infringing downloads, as well as blocking adult and obscene content from being viewed.

Blocking Access to Specific Websites

There are many good reasons for allowing consumers to conduct price comparisons in-store, although a web filter does allow a retailer to carefully control which websites can be accessed. If a particular retailer offers unbeatable prices, that competitor’s site could easily be blocked. For instance, a web content WiFi filter for retailers can be used to prevent the accessing of internet-only retailers such as Amazon via an in-store WiFi access point.

Increase Network Protection by Limiting Access to Malicious Websites

It is important that a retailer’s WiFi network can be used by customers without them being placed at an excessive risk of their device being infected with malware. It is also important for retailers to make sure that their own WiFi routers are not compromised by hackers or have malware downloaded on them. A web filtering solution can be used to block access to websites known to contain malware, and restrict other content known to be risky – such as third-party web adverts.

WebTitan’s 100% Cloud Based Web Content WiFi Filter for Retailers

Whether you have a small retail outlet, a chain of stores, or operate a shopping mall, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a convenient, practical, and cost-effective web filtering solution that will keep your WiFi network protected, your customers secure, and will allow you to implement an acceptable use policy quickly and easily.

Regardless of the number of WiFi hotspots you operate or the number of stores in your chain, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi will allow you to filter the Internet across all of your locations.

Key Benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi for Retailers

  • 100% cloud-based solution requiring no hardware or software installations
  • Quick and easy implementation – The web content WiFi filter for retailers can be implemented in a matter of minutes
  • Scalable solution for retailers of all sizes
  • No restriction on the number of WiFi access points
  • Manage access points through a single web-based administration panel
  • Delegate management of access points
  • No impact on Internet speed
  • WiFi Internet access for all devices
  • Can be used for static or changing IP addresses
  • Granular controls can be used to extensively filter website content with ease
  • Block specific websites, website categories, or dictionary search terms
  • Block potentially harmful content and malware downloads
  • Full reporting suite to gain an accurate insight into customer behavior
  • Gain a real-time view of internet activity
  • Gain insights into bandwidth use and restrict activities to conserve bandwidth
  • Integrate the solution into existing systems through a suite of APIs
  • Apply time-based filtering controls
  • Multiple hosting options, including within your own data center
  • World class customer service
  • Highly competitive pricing and a fully transparent pricing policy

WebTitan’s Web Content WiFi Filter for Retailers

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