Web Content WiFi Filter for Shops

An increasing number of shops are now offering free WiFi access to attract more customers; however, a web content WiFi filter for shops should be used if WiFi is offered to customers to limit the content that can be accessed and the actions performed by customers while online.

Offering shop visitors free Internet access can increase the number of visitors to a store. Some will visit just to use the WiFi, but this increases the chance of achieving a sale. Many shoppers actively seek out retailers that offer free WiFi. An increasing number of shoppers use the availability of WiFi to determine where they shop.

Many retailers have reported an increase in customer loyalty as a result of offering free WiFi access. Not just large retailers either. Even mom and pop stores are attracting more customers by providing free Internet access.

Why a Web Content WiFi Filter for Shops is a Wise Investment

While free WiFi access can draw customers in, it also has potential to turn customers away. If potential customers see people using shop WiFi to view pornography for instance, they may leave the shop and never return. It is important to ensure that obscene website content is blocked and any other material that could cause offense.

Web Content WiFi Filter for ShopsIf bandwidth is not available and customers are unable to connect to a WiFi service, the benefits of offering free WiFi in shops are lost. Activities using a lot of bandwidth include downloads and video streaming. Applications are often set to update when a Wi-Fi network is available, and this can have an impact on Internet speed for all users. Restricting bandwidth use with a web content WiFi filter for shops will ensure the maximum number of visitors can use the Internet in-store and each enjoy good Internet speeds.

Block Access to Competitors’ Websites

It is inevitable that some customers will perform price comparisons in-store as part of the decision-making process. Some retailers would like to avoid this as much as possible and may wish to block store visitors from being able to access websites such as Amazon, which can usually beat brick and mortar stores on price. A web content WiFi filter for shops can be configured to block access to the websites of local competitors or online retailers to help improve sales figures.

Use a Web Filter to Gain an Insight into Customer Behavior

One of the less well known benefits of an Internet content filter for shop WiFi hotspots is gaining an insight into customer behavior. A web content WiFi filter for shops can be used to identify what websites customers are visiting. This information can be incredibly valuable for shop owners. The data can be used to direct marketing efforts, or identify the best websites for advertising. It also gives shop owners a better idea of who their visitors really are.

Keep your Network and Your Customers’ Devices Free from Malware

Retail outlets are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals looking to gain access to POS systems, and new malware is being developed to target WiFi routers. Customers should also be protected from malware. A web content WiFi filter for shops can be configured to block sites that are known to house malware, reduce risky online behavior, and also prevent third party adverts from being displayed. Advertising networks can display malicious adverts as well as competitors’ advertisements. Blocking these adverts from being displayed will help to protect customers and prevent lost sales.

Key Features of an Internet Content Filter for Shop WiFi Hotspots to Look for

There are a number of considerations when choosing an Internet content filter for shop WiFi hotspots. A 100% cloud-based WiFi web filter is often the best choice. It will require no additional hardware, will not slow down Internet speed, is easy to implement, and can be controlled from any location – not just instore. Owners of multiple retail outlets, chain stores, or even multinational retailers can operate their WiFi filter from one location.

Look for a web filtering solution that can link in with Active Directory, LDAP or NetIQ as this will allow different settings to be applied easily for different users such as employees and guests. Another key consideration when choosing an Internet content filter for shop WiFi hotspots is the ease of configuring the web filter. You should not have to employ an IT graduate to configure and tweak your web filter. Configuring and maintaining a web filter for shops should be a straightforward task.

The WebTitan Web Content WiFi Filter for Shops

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is an ideal web content filtering solution for shops of all sizes. A cost-effective pricing model offers value for money, highly granular controls make it easy to filter undesirable website content, there are no restrictions on the number of WiFi hotspots that can be filtered, or restrictions on the number of devices that can connect.

Many web filtering solutions have complicated pricing structures that can make it difficult to find out the true cost of the solution. With WebTitan there is a fully transparent pricing policy, which gives you access to the full product. There are no add-ons that increase the price and all customers benefit from world class customer support.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi features include:

  • Powerful web content WiFi filter for shops of all sizes
  • No restriction on the number of WiFi access points or locations
  • WiFi Internet access for all portable devices
  • 100% cloud-based solution requires no additional hardware or any software installations
  • Can be installed quickly and easily without a detailed knowledge of IT
  • The DNS filtering has no impact on Internet speed
  • Can be used for static or dynamic IP addresses
  • Granular controls put the shop owner in total control of their WiFi network
  • Block content by URL, domain, category, and keywords
  • Prevent potentially harmful and obscene content from being viewed
  • Block bandwidth-sapping downloads and video streaming
  • Gain insights into customer behavior with Internet usage reports
  • Real-time views of internet usage

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