Web Content WiFi Filter for Public WiFi Points

Is a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points appropriate? Some consumers may feel that the Internet should not be filtered and that public networks should permit any website to be accessed. However, many service providers take a different view and apply a web filtering solution to limit access to certain types of website content.

Web Content WiFi Filter for Public WiFi PointsConsumers against the implementation of a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points argue that content control goes against personal liberties. However, in the main the problem is not the blocking of adult or extreme content, but legal content that accidentally gets caught by the filter. If incorrectly applied, an Internet filtering solution may miscategorize some websites, thus preventing access to valuable and important website content.

The opposing view is that the application of a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points is a necessity. By definition, public WiFi is accessed in public. Therefore, the content that can be viewed over the network should be suitable for all members of the public, which includes minors. The blocking of adult content is therefore a measure to ensure that children are not exposed to material that is likely to cause harm.

It is important to strike the right balance between personal freedom and protecting the public from harm, and it is up to the provider of WiFi access points to decide on the extent to which the Internet should be filtered.

Achieving the Right Balance with a Web Content WiFi Filter for Public WiFi Points

While the vast majority of consumers would not want to access adult content in a public environment, some individuals feel differently. Providers of WiFi hotspots often find their networks are being used by some individuals to view content that would be unsuitable for minors. Unfiltered networks are also used by some individuals to access illegal website content.

The decision not to use a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points will mean that a service provider relies on individuals to adhere to Internet usage policies if provided, or decide on the content that is and is not appropriate. This means that the following types of content could be accessed in a public space:

  • Child pornography
  • Acts of extreme violence and death
  • Terrorist material
  • Extreme sexual content

The question that should be asked by ISPs and WiFi service providers is therefore not whether a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points is appropriate, but how it can be applied to ensure that the above content is blocked without access to important website content being accidentally restricted.

It would be advisable to use a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points to prevent child pornography and images of child abuse from being shared for example, but also important to ensure that sites tackling these issues are not accidentally blocked: help sites and information for victims of abuse for instance.

If the Internet is to be filtered, a web content WiFi filter for public WiFi points must be flexible and have highly granular controls that allow fine control of allowable website content. Administrators of web filtering solutions for WiFi providers must also take care to apply filters appropriately.

How Can WebTitan Help?

At WebTitan we believe that it is important to filter out offensive, illegal, and inappropriate website content to prevent public WiFi access points from being abused. We have developed a flexible solution for MSPs, ISPs, and other providers of public WiFi networks that can be applied to carefully control website content, with the necessary granularity to ensure that valuable website content is not accidentally filtered.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows ISPs and WiFi providers to:

  • Filter the Internet across multiple WiFi hotspots
  • Filter by website, website category, keyword term, or keyword score
  • Block material contained in the child abuse image content URL list (CAIC List)
  • Upload blacklists and whitelists
  • Reduce the risk of phishing and block malware downloads
  • Apply our web filtering solution inside an organization’s infrastructure

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi requires no software downloads or additional hardware, there are no restrictions on the number of WiFi hotspots that can be included, and Internet speed is unaffected.

Our scalable public WiFi solution is suitable for large and small WiFi networks, and can be configured to meet the needs of enterprises, ISPs, and MSPs.

Further Information on Our Web Content WiFi Filter for Public WiFi Points

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