White Label Web Content Filter

For the vast majority of ISPs and MSPs, a white label web content filter is the only practical solution for offering customers a clean and secure Internet service. While many new products can be developed in-house, developing a web filtering solution that is reliable, robust, secure, and easy to use is often not an option for the expected ROI. The solution is therefore to find a white label web content filter or not provide the service at all.

Why Offer a White Label Web Content Filter?

Failing to offer a web filtering solution is likely to see clients looking elsewhere for the service. Many businesses are now considering implementing Internet controls to prevent productivity losses and to reduce the risk of legal action stemming from the accessing of illegal websites at work. Businesses offering customers Wi-Fi access also want to ensure it is family friendly and prevent access to adult content.

The threat from malware and ransomware is also an issue. Uncontrolled Internet access carries a major risk of employees and customers falling for phishing campaigns and installing malware, while the threat from ransomware is growing at a tremendous pace.

MSPs can provide a much more comprehensive Internet service by offering their customers a web filtering service, while tapping into a potentially lucrative new income stream. A white label web content filter enables these scenarios in a cost-effective manner, while MSPs can also enhance their business profile with company branding.

Integrating a White Label Website Filter into an ISP/MSP Infrastructure

Integrating a white label website filter into an existing client package adds value and allows ISPs and MSPs to charge more for their services. The additional service also helps to broaden the appeal of their packages.

A white label website filter lets MSPs and ISPs promote their own brand; however, one issue with reselling a third party product is ensuring that it integrates into an existing solution and infrastructure.

A white label Internet content filter should therefore also include a number of options to allow seamless integration, such as a range of APIs to link in with back-office systems to facilitate billing, auto-provisioning, monitoring, and reporting.

A White Label Internet Content Filter with an Important Difference from TitanHQ

In many cases, providers are able to offer ISPs and MSPs a white label Internet content filter that can be incorporated into existing client packages, yet they insist on retaining control of the product and hosting it within their own infrastructure. This is far from practical for many Internet and managed service providers.

At TitanHQ, we can provide a robust, flexible, and powerful white label Internet content filter solution with a range of hosting options, giving ISPs and MSPs greater control.

We are more than happy to host our white label Internet content filter on our own servers, but appreciate this may not be ideal for all ISPs and MSPs. Alternatively, we can host our white label web content filter in a private AWS cloud, or deployment is possible within an ISPs or MSPs own infrastructure.

WebTitan Cloud –The Easy Way for ISPs and MSPs to and Offer Web Filtering Service to Clients

Many web filtering solutions require additional hardware to be purchased and maintained by clients. Software needs to be installed on end user devices and must be regularly updated and patched to keep it secure.

Our solution is much easier to implement and maintain. We use a DNS-based solution that can be rapidly deployed without any additional hardware or software. Our white label web content filter is updated automatically, and can be operated with a low management overhead. Our product requires no specialist training and no technical skill to set up or manage. There is no latency, the solution is very scalable, and meets the needs of ISPs and MSPs – as well those of their clients.

Key Features of WebTitan Cloud

  • Real time web filtering for wired and wireless networks with no latency
  • Antivirus, malware, spyware, and adware protection
  • No hardware requirements, software installations, or site visits necessary
  • No limits on bandwidth, number of routers, or locations
  • Easy implementation – our web filter can be configured in 20 minutes
  • Rapid client configuration using whitelists, blacklists, and predefined categories
  • Easy tailoring of clients’ Internet usage policies
  • Categorization of over 500 million websites and 6 billion web pages
  • Instant coverage of the top 1 million websites as ranked by Alexa
  • Fully automated reporting suite including graphical reports
  • Full technical and sales support for the lifetime of the product
  • Multiple APIs for easy backend integration
  • Support clients with dynamic and static IPs
  • Integration with LDAP and Active Directory
  • Deal registration, MDF & lead generation programs
  • Cost-effective, competitive pricing policy with excellent margins for ISPs and MSPs

Contact TitanHQ Today for Further Information on Our White Label Content Control Filtering Service

Our team is on hand to provide technical information to assist ISPs and MSPs incorporate our white label content control filtering service into their existing product portfolio.

At WebTitan we understand that there is more to providing a white label content control filtering service than simply supplying our solution without WebTitan branding. We are happy to provide technical assistance to help integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure and back end systems.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to start offering your clients a new web filtering service. So, call our team today and find out just how easy it can be to add a white label web content filter to your client packages in order to increase client revenue and attract more business.

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