Wireless Network Internet Filter

If you operate a WiFi network, there are many benefits to be gained from using a wireless network Internet filter to control the content that can be accessed via your WiFi hotspots.

Advantages of Using a Wireless Network Internet Filter

Consumers now expect WiFi access points to be provided virtually everywhere. Many people now choose where they shop, eat, and drink based on whether they are provided with access to the Internet. Businesses are now realizing the benefits of offering free Internet access, but there are potential hazards to allowing customers access to the Internet via WiFi hotspots. To reduce risk, many businesses choose to control the content that can be accessed with a wireless network Internet filter.

The main advantages of using an Internet filtering solution are detailed below.

A Wireless Network Internet Filter Can Block Objectionable and Offensive Website Content

One of the commonest reasons for using a wireless network Internet filter is to prevent WiFi users from accessing illegal or objectionable website content. A website filtering solution is often used to prevent users from accessing adult content, child pornography, visiting illegal internet marketplaces, and to stop software piracy.

Controlling Internet Access to Limit Legal Liability

Wireless Network Internet FilterIn some jurisdictions, employers that fail to implement controls over the content that can be accessed via their WiFi networks can face liability lawsuits. If employees openly access sexually explicit material at work, or view and share discriminatory content, a hostile work environment can be created. Employees can take action against their employers if they are forced to work in a hostile environment or are subjected to viewing adult content at work. A wireless network Internet filter can therefore help to limit liability in such cases.

Website Filtering Can Prevent Employees from Creating HR Issues

By limiting the website content that can be accessed at work, employers can prevent HR problems. Many employees have lost their jobs as a result of material they have uploaded to the Internet while at work. A wireless network Internet filter can help to reduce the opportunity for such actions taking place, and can prevent numerous HR issues. Many employers block access to blogs and social media websites at work for this reason.

Improving the Productivity of Employees

Any time spent casually surfing the Internet is time spent not working. Some studies have suggested that employees waste more than an hour a day on personal Internet use. A wireless network Internet filter can be used to limit timewasting. Using a wireless network Internet filter to restrict personal Internet use can result in a major boost to productivity and can prevent many wasted hours. Blocks can be placed on certain categories of website, or personal Internet use can be restricted to specific times of the day.

A Wireless Network Internet Filter Can Prevent Malware Downloads and Improve Security Posture

It is becoming increasingly important to take steps to reduce the risk of malware downloads. Nearly 1 million new malware threats are released each day, while phishing attacks are now commonplace. WiFi network providers can reduce the risk of users’ devices being compromised, as well as limiting the risk of network malware infections by blocking file downloads and preventing access to unsafe websites.

URL Filtering for Wireless Networks

Enterprises of all sizes use URL filtering for wireless networks to control the content that can be accessed via wireless networks. URL filtering does not take place at the enterprise level, but is applied by a web filtering company. WebTitan provides this service for enterprises, ISPs and MSPs.

WebTitan’s URL filtering solutions enable organizations to easily control access to website content. It is possible to block access to websites by their URL, but this is an inefficient method of restricting content. It is easier to block sites by category. WebTitan categorizes all websites based on the type of content contained on the site. Websites are crawled and then the site is assigned a category, or a number of different categories. Those categories can then be selectively blocked by WiFi operators.

Since websites are being created constantly, it is not possible to categorize new websites the second they are created. However, URL filtering for wireless networks can also be used for real-time protection. When a user attempts to access a website that has not yet been categorized, it is assigned a score based on the domain name, subdomain, and URL. If the web filter has been configured to block by specific keywords contained in the URL, the website will be blocked. A keyword score can also be set. If that score is exceeded access will be denied.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – Internet Access Control for Wireless Networks

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows organizations of all sizes to effectively implement Internet access control for wireless networks to prevent undesirable content from being displayed and to block certain types of online activity.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a scalable solution for filtering the internet on enterprise networks, from small businesses to providers of nationwide WiFi hotspot networks. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi makes the implementation of Internet access control for wireless networks a quick and easy process.

Our 100% cloud-based solution requires no additional hardware or software installations, and can be quickly and easily applied. Once a client’s DNS has been directed to WebTitan the Internet can be filtered in a matter of minutes. Whether light control is required or highly restrictive filters need to be applied, our central user interface makes the process straightforward, and puts our clients in total control of their WiFi networks.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows you to:

  • Filter the Internet by URL, category, keyword, or keyword score
  • Set controls by user group via Active Directory
  • Block access to websites to improve the productivity of your workforce
  • Protect your network from malware, ransomware, and adware
  • Block command and control communications
  • Monitor websites being accessed by users
  • Prevent unsafe online behavior
  • Block offensive website content
  • Protect any number of WiFi hotspots, no matter where they are geographically located

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